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Save 6-15% or more


AER's Demand Side programs encompass both Demand Side Management and Demand Response. Using a wide array of recognized energy technologies, strategies and proprietary systems, clients can reduce their cost of energy and realize savings of 6% to 15% or more. Eligible clients can also take advantage of Demand Response programs, and get paid by the PJM for cutting back during peak times.

Demand Side Management

Our Demand side Management team specializes in guiding our clients to take advantage of all Federal, State and Utility rebate, curtailment and tax credit programs. Many of our Demand Side Management projects can be financed, putting your organization into a net positive cash flow.

What Will Your Project Accomplish?

  • Reduce the consumption of energy in your facility

  • A Greener more eco friendly environment

  • Carbon Footprint reduction

  • Electronic distribution system improvement resulting in greater efficiency

  • Extend the lifetime of equipment

  • All resulting in significant savings

    Our Guarantee: We Guarantee Savings In Writing

    Facility Audit Focus Areas

    Lighting Upgrades
    HVAC Upgrades
    Variable Frequency Drives
    Energy Management
    Utility Monitoring
    Peak Load Scheduling
    Duty Cycling

    Demand Response Program

    AER can help determine your businesses eligibility to be compensated for reducing electricity usage during peak periods. The PJM Grid in Maryland is in a crisis for more generation plants. One strategy to deal with Demand that is higher than Supply is to pay large users to cut back on Peak Demand days. The program is administered by PJM to facilitate these cutbacks and compensate the participating businesses, while maintaining reliability during peak periods when generation supplies may be scarce.
    A quarterly check is issued to all participants in the PJM Demand Response Program. The payment reflects the amount of time the business reduced electricity usage on the days that PJM initiates an Emergency Request. Many businesses find that they can reduce demand and still operate effectively during the peak hours the PJM requests participation.

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