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Electricity Alliance


Businesses in the Mid Atlantic have been subject to the rising, unregulated market costs of electricity for several years. Most companies don't have the resources, time, or opportunity to understand much about the types of agreements available and which terms will fit their company's future plans.


AER helps clients understand the different types of electricity purchases: Fixed Rate, Index Rate, and Hybrid.
Fixed Rates provide low-risk and budget certainty. When Fixed Rates do not provide savings from the utility, companies can use Index Rate agreements. Index Rates are wholesale electricity rates that are set each month, with a Fixed Adder to cover capacity, transmission, ancillaries, and margin. A Hybrid model employs both strategies.

Market Timing

Electricity rates fluctuate according to a variety of factors. The prices of Oil, Natural Gas and the Weather are major drivers. AER will help clients understand when to get prices for Index, when to get prices for Fixed, when to wait, and what to wait for.

Reverse-Bid Auction

AER will take your usage out to bid among our pre-qualified suppliers. The Supplier with the lowest rate is asked to provide an agreement with the price for our client to review. Since pricing is market based, those clients who can react quickly usually benefit the greatest.


How Our Process Works

Atlantic Energy Resources is one of the Mid Atlantic's most respected independent energy consultants. AER will have you sign a Letter of Authorization that allows AER Suppliers to request your usage details from your utility. This data is used to generate a Custom electricity rate based on your specific usage patterns. AER will deliver the results and go over the Terms and Conditions of the winning agreement.

Our Services

  • Full analysis of your electric accounts and current supply agreements
  • Secure supply proposals from our pre-qualified electricity suppliers
  • Obtain the best rate, contract terms and conditions available for your company
  • Manage all documentation and guide the transition to the new suppler
  • Ensure that your electricity accounts are set for optimum performance
  • Market watch for new opportunities and continue due diligence of suppliers

  • Atlantic Energy Resources does not believe in up-front expenditures, hourly fees, or retainers for your business. If we can't secure you a great agreement, why should you incur costs?

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